Anthony Mackie Calls 'Captain America: Civil War' Marvel's Best

February 17th, 2016

Deadpool is breaking records and getting superhero fans buzzing, but Captain America: Civil War is waiting its turn to do the same in just under three months. For all of Deadpool's massive success, however, few are really arguing it is the best comic book movie of the current era -- yet Anthony Mackie is confident Civil War will be regarded as the MCU's best, as he stated on Feb. 16.

Despite a bit of clear bias, the Falcon himself made this statement to IGN while promoting his next non-superhero film Triple 9.

“It’ll be very different because… I feel the best Marvel movies thus far have been Winter Soldier and Iron Man” he explained. “And I think this movie far surpasses those two movies. I think the Russo brothers and Marvel have done a very good job with upping the ante every movie. And this one definitely does not fail to live up to that.”

Iron Man got Phase 1 of the MCU and the entire MCU in general rolling, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a game-changer at the end of Phase 2. Civil War will need to set such a big bar for Phase 3, since it is adapting the famed comic book storyline, breaks up the Avengers, sets Black Panther and Spider-Man on their paths to solo franchises and now has the shadow of Deadpool to overcome.

Now that Deadpool has made the PG-13 limitations of the modern superhero genre look bad -- and the MCU by extension for advancing them for eight years -- Civil War will have to remind fans and critics that PG-13 comic book films aren't all conventional and safe. Iron Man was the birth of an era and The Winter Soldier shook up major MCU pillars like S.H.I.E.L.D., so fulfilling Mackie's promise of upping the ante with Civil War would be huge.

Reports are that Civil War scored higher with test audiences than any MCU film since The Winter Soldier, backing up Mackie's claims further. Yet wider audiences will make their call when they see the Falcon fight with Team Captain America against Team Iron Man on May 6 -- but first, they can see a grounded and more corrupt Mackie in the cop war of Triple 9 on Feb. 26.